Botanical Name: Cassia fistula, Senna fistula
English Name: Indian Laburnum, Shower Of Gold, Pvdding Pipe
Local Name: Amaltas, Bandarlauri, Girmalah, Punjabi - Amaltas, Bengali - Amaltas,Shondal, Sonali, Bandarlati, Marathi - Bahava, Tamil - Konnei, Sarakkonne, Telugu - Rela

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Unique identification feature
  •   evergreen, semi-evergreen and deciduous types with brilliant pink, orange, red, white or yellow flowers.Tree become leafless in winter especially if irrigation is not present.It blooms in late spring. Flowering is profuse, with trees being covered with yellow.It grows well in dry climates. Growth for this tree is best in full sun on well-drained.Recommended for planting in parks and gardens.
Unique identification feature
  •     Medicinal use:- In Ayurvedic medicine its  fruit pulp used as  purgative.Cultural:- it  is the state flower of Kerala( used in  Vishu festival of Kerala).
Planting and Care
  •     Need full sunlight to flower and produce the most colorful blossoms. They are tolerant of most soil types with a neutral pH, and while they like water, well drained soils. They rarely survive temperatures below 30 F. (-1 C.) and since they reach heights of 20 to 30 feet.

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