Botanical Name: Ficus racemosa
English Name: Ficus glomerata Roxb
Local Name: Gullar

More Information

Unique identification feature
  •   Ficus recemosa popularly known as the Cluster fig tree,Indian fig tree or goolar fig,is native to Australia,Malesia,Indo-China and the Indian Subcontinent.It is unusual in that its fig grow on or close to the tree trunk,termed cauliflory. Termed as "Keystone species"
Unique identification feature
  •    Leaffall - August to NovemberFlowering  - January to April  Fruiting  - March to July
Planting and Care
  •   Goolar tree leaves, fruits and bark are used to treat various diseases. Gular tree is astringent, antidiabetic, antiasthma tic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiulcer, anti-pyretic and anti diarrheal in action. Its latex is used to treat piles and hemorrhoids.

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