Botanical Name: terminalia arjuna
English Name: arjuna, arjun, kumbuk
Local Name: Marathi - Arjun, Hindi - Arjuna, Bengali - Arjhan, Gujarati - Sadado, Kannada - Maddi, Marathi - Sanmadat, Punjabi - Arjan, Sanskrit - Arjuna, Tamil - Vellamatta, Telugu - Yerramaddi, Urdu - Arjan

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Unique identification feature
  •    The arjuna is about 20–25 metres tall,wide canopy,buttressed trunk.Conical leaves which are green on the top and brown below.Smooth, grey bark; it has pale yellow flowers which appear between March and June; its glabrous, 2.5 to 5 cm fibrous woody fruit, divided into five wings, appears between September and November.
Unique identification feature
  •     Medicinal :-use as  Ayurvedic medicin  as a treatment for heart disease called as  Guardian of the heart. Vagbhata mentions arjuna in the treatment of wounds, hemorrhages and ulcers.Cultural:- In Theravada Buddhism, Arjuna is said to be the tree for achieved enlightenment, or Bodhi by the tenth Buddha (title) called "Anomadassi Buddha".Other:- The arjuna is one of the species whose leaves are fed on by the Antheraea paphia moth which produces the tassar silk, a wild silk of commercial importance.
Planting and Care
  •    Medicinal :-use as  Ayurvedic medicin  as a treatment for heart disease called as  Guardian of the heart. It prefers humid, fertile and red lateritic soils(Well-drained sandy or loamy soil).Water: Moderate. Temperature: 20 to 33 degrees C.Fertilizer: Apply any organic fertilizer. Harvesting: September to December

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