Peltophorum/ copperpod

Botanical Name: Peltophorum pterocarpum
English Name: Peltophorum
Local Name: copperpod

More Information

Unique identification feature
  •   Peltophorum pterocarpum is native to tropical southeastern Asia and a popular ornamental tree grown around the world.
Unique identification feature
  •    Leaffall - February to March Flowering  - May June & Sep.- Oct.Fruiting  - July to November
Planting and Care
  •   The bark contains tannins, in traditional medicine it is used as an astringent to cure or relieve intestinal disorders after pain at childbirth, sprains, bruises and swelling or as a lotion for eye troubles, muscular pains and sores. It is also used for gargles and tooth powders. An antifungal principle is present in the leaflets and buds.

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