Botanical Name: Dendrocalamus strictus
English Name: Bamboo
Local Name: Calcutta Bamboo, hard bamboo, iron bamboo, male bamboo, solid bamboo, stone bamboo • Hindi: bans • Manipuri: khokwa • Marathi: bans, udha, velu • Tamil: ciru-munkil, kal-munkil, kattu-munkil • Malayalam: kallanmula • Telugu: potu veduru

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Unique identification feature
  •   it is a deciduous densely tufted bamboo with culms 8-16 m high, 2.5-8 cm in diameter, pale blue green when young, dull green or yellow on maturity, much curved above half of its height.The most peculiar aspect of the plant is the solid culm as there is no hollow part in it.Leaves are linear-lanceshaped, small in dry localities, up to 25 cm long and 3 cm broad in moist areas, rounded at the base into a short petiole, tip is sharply tapering with twisted point.Inflorescence is a large panicle of large dense globular heads 4-5 cm apart. Long stamens protrude out of the flowers.
Unique identification feature
  •    Significance:- Young stems - cooked as a vegetable.The stems are used for a wide range of purposes - scaffolding, bridges, poles, agricultural implements and other large bamboo implements.   They are also split and used to make other items such as walking sticks, furniture and baskets.The stems are extensively used as a raw material in paper mills. Harvesting may start 3 - 4 years after a clump has begun to produce culms of maximum size. Only culms older than 3 years are harvestable and harvesting should never be done during the growing season. It is recommended to cut the culms lower than 30cm above the ground level, but not below the 2nd node. Debris and cut branches should always be removed completely.
Planting and Care
  •   Seed - many, if not all, members of this genus have a short viability and should be sown within 2 - 3 months of harvest. Sow in containers in a lightly shaded position and only just cover. Germination usually takes place readily. Prick out into individual pots as soon as the plants are large enough to handle. Plant out into permanent positions when 20cm tall. Plants may remain in their low-growing juvenile state for several years - cutting the culms to the ground level can stimulate taller adult growth. Rhizome, culm and branch cuttings.The propagules are raised in the nursery and after they have produced roots they are planted out in the field before or during the first half of the rainy season.

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