Botanical Name: Mimusops elengi
English Name: Mimusops elengi
Local Name: Maulshree

More Information

Unique identification feature
  •   Mimusops elengi (Maulshree Tree) has small shiny, thick, narrow pointed leaves and is a prized ornamental specimen. It was extensively used by the Mughals in Delhi and Agra as its neat crown lent itself to formal planting arrangements. Thus, the first feature of DBM designer products is their nature friendliness.Missing
Unique identification feature
  •    Leaffall - EverygreenFlowering  - May to JuneFruiting - February to June
Planting and Care
  •   The bark, flowers, fruits, and seeds of Bakula are used in Ayurvedic medicine in which it is purported to be astringent, cooling, anthelmintic, tonic, and febrifuge. It is mainly used for dental ailments such as bleeding gums, pyorrhea, dental caries, and loose teeth

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